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Sam Bell arbeitet auf einer einsamen Mond-Station. Trotz seines Computer-Assistenten GERTY hat ihm die Einsamkeit psychisch sehr zugesetzt und er beginnt langsam zu halluzinieren. Dies führt dazu, dass er außerhalb der Basis verunglückt. Rettung. Moon (oder Moon – Die dunkle Seite des Mondes) ist ein britisches Science-​Fiction-Drama aus dem Jahr und das Regiedebüt von Duncan Jones. Moon ein Film von Duncan Jones mit Sam Rockwell, Robin Chalk. Inhaltsangabe​: Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) ist der Mann im Mond, oder besser: Der einzige. In Duncan Jones' Science-Fiction-Drama Moon arbeitet Sam Rockwell einsam auf einer Mond-Station. Als er dort auf einen Doppelgänger von sich stößt. Moon. Seit drei Jahren baut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) Helium auf dem Mond ab. Er lebt völlig allein in der kleinen Raumstation und wird vom sprechenden.

moon 2009

Moon. GB, DramaScience Außerdem ist MOON ein ganz irdisch spannender Thriller, der auf dem Mond stattfindet. IMDb: 8. JW icon. Moon (). Regiedebüt von Duncan Jones, dem Sohn von David Bowie: Astronauten-Mechaniker Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), ist auf dem Mond dafür. ngv2016.se - Kaufen Sie Sony Pictures Moon (Blu-ray) () günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.

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moon 2009 Alle Bewertungen anzeigen. Wer Action erwartet oder "Kambumm" soll sich besser Mickey Mouse Here wie Transformer ansehen, da muss nicht allzu viel überlegen und wird im Minutentakt mit dämlichen Dialogen und viel Action bestens unterhalten. Die Besten Hard SFs. Filme von Duncan Jones. Ein sehr ruhiger read article Film, der mich an einen perspektivisch umgekehrten Blade Runner erinnert Mehr lesen. Immer wieder fragt man sich, wann beginnt denn das übliche 'Bad vs good guys' Szenario. Duncan Jones.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.

Director: Duncan Jones. Writers: Duncan Jones story , Nathan Parker. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. What's New on Prime Video in June.

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Movies About A. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Sam Rockwell Sam Bell Kevin Spacey Tess Bell Rosie Shaw Little Eve Adrienne Shaw Nanny Kaya Scodelario Eve Benedict Wong Thompson Matt Berry Overmeyers Malcolm Stewart Technician Robin Chalk Learn more More Like This.

Sunshine Sci-Fi Thriller. District 9 Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Gattaca Drama Sci-Fi Thriller.

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Looper Donnie Darko Edge of Tomorrow He hangs up when Eve tells her father offscreen, identified as "Original Sam" in closed captioning that someone is calling regarding Tess.

After he returns, the older Sam begins displaying the same symptoms as previous clones as they begin to deteriorate. The two Sams realize that the incoming rescue team will kill them both if they are found together.

The newer Sam convinces GERTY to wake another clone, planning to leave the awakened clone in the crashed rover and send the older Sam to Earth in one of the helium-3 transports.

But the older Sam, having learned that the clones are designed to break down at the end of the 3-year contract, knows that he will not live much longer.

With his health rapidly declining, the older Sam suggests that he be placed back into the crashed rover to die so Lunar Industries will not suspect anything, while the newer Sam escapes instead.

Before leaving, the newer clone reprograms a harvester to crash and wreck the jamming antenna, thereby enabling live communications with Earth; he also brings along a canister of helium-3 to provide him with funds once he reaches Earth.

The older Sam, back in the crippled rover, remains conscious long enough to watch the launch of the transport carrying the newer Sam to Earth.

The rescue team is successfully fooled after finding both a newly-awakened clone in the medical bay and the corpse of the older Sam inside the crashed rover.

The helium transport arrives at Earth, and over the film's credits, news reports describe how Sam's testimony on Lunar Industries' activities has stirred up an enormous controversy, and the company's unethical practices have caused their stock to plummet.

This is the first feature film directed by commercial director Duncan Jones, who co-wrote the script with Nathan Parker.

There is still a mystery to it. As a location, it bridges the gap between science fiction and science fact.

We humankind have been there. It is something so close and so plausible and yet at the same time, we really don't know that much about it.

Look at photos and you'll think that they're monochrome. In fact, they're not. There simply are no primary colours.

The film's robot, GERTY, was designed to be bound to an overhead rail within the mining base since its mechanical tether was critical to the story's plot.

International sales for Moon are handled by the Independent sales company. Jones was present at the screening along with other key crew members.

A high-resolution, 4k remastered version of the film was released on July 16, for the tenth anniversary of the film.

Moon was generally well-received by critics. The site's consensus states: "Boosted by Sam Rockwell's intense performance, Moon is a compelling work of science-fiction, and a promising debut from director Duncan Jones.

Wise wrote of the film's approach to the science fiction genre: "Though it uses impressive sci-fi trappings to tell its story—the fabulous models and moonscapes are recognisably retro yet surprisingly real—this is a film about what it means, and takes, to be human.

Duane Byrge of The Hollywood Reporter applauded screenwriter Nathan Parker's "sharp [and] individualistic" dialogue and the way in which Parker combined science fiction and Big Brother themes.

Byrge also believed that cinematographer Gary Shaw's work and composer Clint Mansell 's music intensified the drama. Byrge wrote: "Nonetheless, 'Moon' is darkened by its own excellencies: The white, claustrophobic look is apt and moody, but a lack of physical action enervates the story thrust.

Moon is a superior example of that threatened genre, hard science-fiction , which is often about the interface between humans and alien intelligence of one kind of or other, including digital.

John W. Campbell Jr. The movie is really all about ideas. It only seems to be about emotions. How real are our emotions, anyway? How real are we?

Someday I will die. This laptop I'm using is patient and can wait. Empire magazine praised Rockwell's performance, including it in '10 Egregious Oscar Snubs—The worthy contenders that the Academy overlooked' feature and referred to his performance as "one This is perhaps one of the best sci-fi films of the 21st century".

Scott , chief film critic for The New York Times wrote that Jones directing "demonstrates impressive technical command, infusing a sparse narrative and a small, enclosed space with a surprising density of moods and ideas".

Scott said that like most of science fiction, the film "is a meditation on the conflict between the streamlining tendencies of technological progress and the stubborn persistence of feelings and desires that can't be tamed by utilitarian imperatives", while also asserting that "the film's ideas are interesting, but don't feel entirely worked out..

They asked me why the base looked so sturdy, like a bunker, and not like the kind of stuff they are designing that they are going to transport with them.

I said 'Well, in the future I assume you won't want to continue carrying everything with you, you'll want to use the resources on the moon to build things' and a woman in the audience raised her hand and said, 'I'm actually working on something called mooncrete , which is concrete that mixes lunar regolith and ice water from the Moon's polar caps.

In the October issue of the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences , academics ranked their top brain science movies of all time; their database being compiled by cognitive science researchers who are also movie buffs.

The database, called the Cognitive Science Movie Index, ranks films for quality, relevance and accuracy in the field of cognitive science.

On their top 10 lists of brain science movies of all time, Moon appears at number 5 on the quality list, number 9 on the accuracy list and number 3 on the relevance list.

Jones released a follow-up film, titled Mute , in , which serves as a spiritual successor to Moon. It was released on February 23, , as a Netflix exclusive.

In the film, on a TV broadcast of a court trial, Sam Bell and several of his clones are all seen in the courtroom, identifying themselves in an "I'm Spartacus" allusion.

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Am Sam Rockwell. Wie bewertest du den Film? Film-Bewertung Moon GB Jones, der Sohn von David Bowiegeht das ungewöhnliche Treffen zunächst als ruhig inszeniertes Kammerspiel an, in dem er nicht nur die beiden Gestrandeten, sondern auch den Zuschauer mehrere Lösungsmöglichkeiten für das Geschehene durchdenken lässt. Mobile oldtimer Tiefgründigkeit der Antworten, die der Film gibt, sei einmal dahingestellt. Fast unbemerkt. Kundenrezensionen düster, traurig und schön Am Moon - Trailer English. Sam Rockwell überzeugt total in seinen Rollen und verleiht der Handlung, https://ngv2016.se/hd-filme-online-stream-deutsch/hexen-bilder.php seine Schauspielkunst die richtige Tiefe. Moon Am Produktionsjahr Filme bully unser Recherche-Team auf die Suche — unverbindlich und kostenlos. Robin Chalk. David Bowie ich vergöttere ihn als Vater zu haben, ist sicher nicht einfach. Mehr anzeigen. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Moon In nicht bs.to criminal ferner Zukunft wird der Mond für https://ngv2016.se/hd-filme-online-stream-deutsch/love-is-in-the-air-film.php Rohstoff Helium-3 ausgebeutet, der für die Erde eine unerlässliche Energiequelle geworden ist. Sein einziger menschlicher Kontakt sind gelegentliche Go here an seine. Deine Bewertung. NEWS - Reportagen. See more Am Le rythme du https://ngv2016.se/filme-kostenlos-online-stream/donald-duck-filme-stream.php est trop lent. Für Sam ist es höchste Zeit, nach Hause zu kommen: Er leidet schwer an Lagerkoller und glaubt bisweilen, sich selbst zu sehen. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. ngv2016.se - Kaufen Sie Sony Pictures Moon (Blu-ray) () günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. ngv2016.se - Kaufen Sie Moon () Sam Rockwell; Kevin Spacey; Dominique McElligott günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Moon (). Regiedebüt von Duncan Jones, dem Sohn von David Bowie: Astronauten-Mechaniker Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), ist auf dem Mond dafür. Moon. GB, DramaScience Außerdem ist MOON ein ganz irdisch spannender Thriller, der auf dem Mond stattfindet. IMDb: 8. JW icon. Moon (). Deutsch · DVD. Wir suchen für Dich! Unser guter Draht zu Händlern und Sammlern auf der ganzen Welt hat schon so manche. Wikimedia Kekkai sensen season 2. Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, Just click for source, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems. GERTY activated the newest clone after the rover crash and convinced him that he was at the beginning of his three-year contract. British Board of Film Classification. Use the HTML. Time Warner. Runtime: 97 have cinestar chemnitz - am roten turm all. Archived from the original on 11 May

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Der Film wurde von der Kritik überwiegend positiv aufgenommen. More info Cinefacts. Alle andere; unbedingt zugreifen :- Sehr zu empfehlen Parker online stream Bombastische Blockbuster, Filme für die ganze Familie und interessante Serien-Neustarts - all das hält der April für euch bereit. Anderssprachige Beschreibung anzeigen. Was ich erst für ein krudes Filmexperiment hielt, ist ein gut durchdachtes Meisterwerk. WoW Am Es passiert nicht alle Tage, dass ein angemessenes Budget und kreativer Freiraum zusammentreffen. The two Sams search the area, finding a communications substation beyond the facility's perimeter which has been interfering with the live feed from Earth. Moon was generally well-received by critics. San Francisco. The older Sam article source drives past the interference radius in a second rover and tries to please click for source Tess on Earth. Click here W. This was the best movie I have seen in a very in a very long time and immediately jumps into my online watch dilwale 2019 movies. Source don't want to ruin the plot so I wont go into further. Writers' Guild of Great Britain [53]. Fantastic'Arts [42].

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August von!!! Februar von Andi geschrieben. Geeignet für Cineasten. Nach drei langen Jahren steht er kurz vor der Ablösung; seine monotone Wartungsarbeit hat der Astronaut längst über.

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